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Renewable Energy Systems


Welcome to ENERLINE LIMITED, where innovation meets sustainability! As pioneers in the realm of renewable energy, we are dedicated to reshaping the future of power generation. Our commitment lies in harnessing the boundless potential of clean energy sources to create a greener, more sustainable world.

Join us on this journey towards a sustainable future. Together, let's redefine the way we power the world.

Solarpaneele auf Bäumen


Turnkey construction and all-round support for your photovoltaic system

We take care of all planning services, yield and profitability calculations, procurement, construction management and grid connection of your PV system.


We optimise performance and ensure that you get the most out of your photovoltaic system!

Solarmodule auf dem Dach



A photovoltaic system is basically maintenance-free. However, to ensure smooth operation over several years, it is advisable to carry out a full annual check in addition to regular checks of the operating and yield data via the inverter display or remote monitoring. Correct maintenance of the respective components is essential to ensure that the manufacturer's warranties for your products are maintained. In the event of damage, there may also be problems with the insurer if a PV system has not been maintained for a longer period of time.

We therefore offer you a complete maintenance package for your PV system, which includes all the important points.

Gebäude im Bau




We specialise in renovating old buildings, coordinating and organising the work to ensure it is carried out professionally and remain a reliable partner for solving problems.

Build according to plan

We offer project-orientated construction plans and implement these professionally within the planned construction times: Excavation, stabilisation, foundations, civil engineering, brickwork, solid construction, shell construction, interior finishing and plastering. Quality workmanship and building materials are our speciality.


Room 7B, One Capital Place, 18 Luard Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong



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